We feel stress when the emotional and physical demands day to day life stack up and we feel under pressure. The purpose of stress is to keep us sharp, fast and out of danger. It is an essential part of our human make up. If we see something dangerous, we get a flood of adrenalin and we will run away.

However, if we are not physically running away, this fight or flight response starts becoming damaging for our bodies and minds. It becomes hard to concentrate, we may feel tearful or like we have a very short fuse. In fact, stress has many symptoms as the body and mind are not balanced. Some people over or under eat when they are stressed. Others may find themselves drinking increasing amounts of alcohol. One of the indicators of stress is an inability to relax and unwind.

 Hypnotherapy can help you to learn to relax and view the events happening in your life in a more positive light so that you are able to meet the opportunities in your life with ease rather than dread.