Sleep Problems

Sometimes in our lives if we are stressed, overburdened by life our sleep can become disrupted. Between 30-50% of the UK adult population suffers from sleep disturbance at any one time. Perhaps you have had the feeling of being tired and going to bed only to find your mind racing making you unable to sleep.

 Maybe you wake at 4:00 in the morning, wide awake and unable to sleep again until just before the alarm goes off.

Perhaps you just feel tired all of the time and long to stay in bed all day.

Hypnotherapy relaxes the mind and you will learn powerful techniques to let the mind know that bed time is for sleeping, not going over the worries and concerns of the day.

It is during the period of sleep that you process all of the stress and negativity that you may have had during the day. Over time, not sleeping well impacts on our ability to remain positive and enjoying life. Disrupted sleep is often the first sign that anxiety is building up.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping you to re-establish sleeping routines. You will learn how to relax the racing mind and look forward to going to bed.

“It felt very safe and comfortable. Overall it was very calming and uplifting”