Sleep Problems

Sometimes in our lives if we are stressed, overburdened by life our sleep can become disrupted. Between 30-50% of the UK adult population suffers from sleep disturbance at any one time. Perhaps you have had the feeling of being tired and going to bed only to find your mind racing making you unable to sleep.
 Maybe you wake at 4:00 in the morning, wide awake and unable to sleep again until just before the alarm goes off.
Perhaps you just feel tired all of the time and long to stay in bed all day.

Hypnotherapy relaxes the mind and you will learn powerful techniques to let the mind know that bed time is for sleeping, not going over the worries and concerns of the day.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be utterly terrifying. They are your body’s response to a build up of anxiety and negative thinking. When you experience a panic attack you are going into fight-or-flight mode. Your heart beats quickly to send blood around the body so that you can run away. Your digestion stops working, you sweat to cool you down if you run. The symptoms are frightening so that you run away from perceived danger. Most often we don’t run we just think we are dying or going crazy.

Hypnotherapy can help to calm the mind and you will learn to how to regain control in situations that have frightened you It’s worth remembering that you are not having a panic attack all the time!

Depression and anxiety

Although depression and anxiety are separate problems, people often experience distressing symptoms of both. Research shows that 1 in 4 people will experience depression and or anxiety in their lives. Hypnotherapy can help enormously with both problems and works alongside prescribed medication.

Solution Focused techniques make treatment individual to you, swiftly aiding your recovery from these debilitating problems.

Stress, Nerves and Worry

Stress can come from many areas of our lives. Worries about money, debt, relationships, health and work, exams and tests can cause us to feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. Hypnotherapy focuses on what you would like to achieve in your life, how you will be when the problem is not there.The imagination is a powerful tool; if you think about it, worry is just the imagination working negatively. Using hypnosis the mind is relaxed and able to come up with positive solutions to areas that are causing problems. Often clients find that when one area of their life improves others are quick to follow!

Chronic Pain

When we injure ourselves a signal is sent to the brain to tell us that there is something wrong. When we heal up, the signal stops. In some people the injury repairs itself but the signal is still being sent to the brain unnecessarily and the pain is still felt. Worries about if the pain will ever go or fears that we may not be able to be as active as before exacerbate the problem.

Hypnotherapy can help to “reset” the brain to let it know that the injury is dealt with and the pain signal is not needed.

Skin Problems

Skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis can be helped by hypnotherapy. Stress in life can confuse the immune system which thinks that it is fighting off a harmful attack, producing more cells to heal and protect. Skin conditions can affect the esteem of the sufferer leading to other problems in life which in turn produce more stress which leads to a worsening of the condition.

Fears and Phobias

Many people suffer from fears and phobias. A fear is something that we feel that we should avoid for our safety for example, flying or heights. Many fears are for our safety but can sometimes get so severe that they upset the course of our lives for example not being able to go on holiday or drive on the motorway. Hypnotherapy works to lower anxiety and stress in life so that the intensity of the fear is lessened and life can resume as wished.

A specific phobia such as spiders will cause symptoms of panic and can be terrifying. Fortunately hypnotherapy can deal with this in 4-5 sessions using a proven technique called “Rewind”.

Weight Control

Weight issues are common in our fast paced society. Hypnotherapy helps with changing attitudes to food and the role food plays in life. Many people use food for comfort for example and this behaviour can be changed and lead to greater feelings of control over our choices.

Along with addressing food issues, exercise plays a huge part in weight control and overall health and happiness. Modern hypnotherapists promote exercise as it complements weight control and increases serotonin, the main chemical our bodies need for coping with life and feeling happy.

Alcohol Problems

Dependence on alcohol or drugs is a sign that the mind and body are out of balance and that life is not bringing the satisfaction that we would like. Drinking too much may affect health, relationships and employment. Hypnotherapy lowers the stress in life, which is often made worse by alcohol or drugs. We look at how you would like to manage the problem. Give up completely? Have a glass of wine with a meal? Being clear about what you want gives the subconscious mind a chance to operate for your benefit instead of feeling like you are fighting a losing battle. When we get things right in life- our relationships, occupation and how we think about ourselves, addiction becomes unnecessary and resolves itself with the help of hypnotherapy.


If nailbiting is a habit you wish you didn’t have, hypnotherapy can help you to stop in just one session. The mind is a bit like a supercomputer. If it is programmed wrong or it’s information is out of date, old unwanted behaviours will remain. Hypnotherapy helps to identify why you would like to stop biting your nails. Miranda will explain how habits are formed and why we get comfort from bad habits. In hypnosis the subconscious will be told that it is time to stop eating yourself.!

Hypnotherapy can deal directly with the stress and help with making lifestyle changes that allow the immune system to calm itself.