Certain Uncertainty

I have been thinking about certainty¬†and uncertainty over the last few days. It is well established within the scientific and psychotherapeutic communities that we, as humans, don’t like things to be up in the air. We as humans, know this without the advice of experts. Uncertainty can block us at every turn, every turn within our own lives. The smallest thing can send us into a spin. Then we watch the news. I started to wonder how to pull certainty back from the absolute brink.

It occurred to me that if things feel like they are spiralling out of control, then we must bring them back. We can’t sort out our economic policy, the subsidies for farmers, or the politics of the people who hold big guns.

We can however bring certainty back to ourselves. Think about the things in life that are OK or that you like. Think about them. If you love someone, spend a moment making that love even more certain. Bank account a bit Shonky? Spend an afternoon working it out so you know what’s going on. Be certain. If you want to eat your own veg from your garden, be certain to prepare the soil and plant the seeds in time. One of the best ways to make ourselves feel better is to actually do something. Tidy a room, make something, tidy the cutlery drawer, draw a picture of a lover. Movement changes the brain.

Shore your own self up by being certain of small things. This is the defence. Do the best you can.