Alcohol Difficulties

Difficulties with alcohol or drugs is a sign that the mind and body are out of balance and that life is not bringing the satisfaction that we would like. If you are drinking too much you will know how it is affecting you  in lots of negative ways. It is a stressful way of dealing with life.

Hypnotherapy works to lower the stress in life.

Stress can be made worse by alcohol or drugs and in turn, dependency creates a lot of stress. You can find yourself in a negative spiral and feeling out of control.  We look at how you would like to manage the problem. Give up completely? Have a glass of wine with a meal but not the whole bottle?

Being clear about what you want gives the subconscious mind a chance to operate for your benefit instead of feeling like you are fighting a losing battle. When we get things right in life- our relationships, how we spend our time in the day and how we think about ourselves, addiction becomes unnecessary and resolves itself with the help of hypnotherapy.